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Civil Construction & Mechanical Maintenance

Sana company Contractors provides mechanical construction & maintenance services to the industrial sector. Our capabilities include process piping systems fabrication, installation, testing, maintenance & specialized repairs of boilers, pumps, piping and valves, tank components, pressure vessels & other equipment.


Industrial Pipe Fabrication & Installation

We provide custom fabrication of pipe and pipe assemblies with just about any metal your project requires, from carbon steel, stainless steel, hastealloy and other specialty metals. Our fabricators are highly skilled, experienced welders and are qualified to industry requirements and certified weld specifications.


Detailed Trading Division Product Range

Take a closer look at our highly professional product range: > Control Valves, Industrial Ball, Butterfly, Lined Ball, Globe V alves, PTFE/PFA , Check, Gate, Plug Valves, Lined Strainers, Sight Glasses, Valve Actuators, API 6D and API 6A large size Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Safety Relief Valves and Lubricated Plug Valves.


Quality Policy

We are committed to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our Endeavour is to reduce cost and cycle times through effective and efficient use of resources. Organizational capabilities will be continually improved to retain competitive advantage by aligning our processes, to build strong business relationships with customers and suppliers. We Endeavour to be customers preferred choice in everything we do. Our customers will experience professional competence and a high level of service in our deliveries.


Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to ensuring that no harm is caused to our employees. Internationally accepted best practices are adopted by complying with applicable HSE legislation & other requirements. To ensure continual improvement, all hazards are identified, associated risks are evaluated and controls implemented and monitored.


Environmental Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment by minimizing pollution, waste and optimizing fuel consumption for continual improvement in our environment performance. Eco-efficient technologies will be promoted. We comply with all applicable legal requirements.


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